Friday, February 26, 2010


the anticipation of summer
 is almost better than summer itself. 

you know- 

making plans to do something (or nothing), doing crunches so you look good in a swimsuit, picking up those cute new tanks, finding a job so you can have some funds, and packing up your big puffy jackets so you don't have to look at them until winter

needless to say, this is what's going through my brain currently ( probably with more distress than is necessary) 

First, gotta make sure i have a job with the big 

Second, making summer travel plans to eu-rope 

third- getting rid of my pasty white skin while reading all the books on my "have to read" list by the pool (more stressful than it sounds)

Mastering the Ship


 i think i can finally say i'm becoming an avid blogger after consistently posting for over two weeks now!

Although, i don't think i'll have to resort to this quite yet:

but seriously...
it's quite an accomplishment.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love/Hate Relationships

Things I Hate:

1. When you have a cold/cough and you can't stop blowing your nose.
 It's like an eternal flow of snot
so embarassing right?

i feel ya bro.

2. Still not having a place to live next year

3. Forgetting to turn in a redbox


Things I Love

1. cuddling with the roommies.

2. When BYU Men's Basketball is Number 11 in the nation!

3. Writing sweet nothings in the shower to our beloved, engaged roommate randi
Click here to read more :) 

4. Enough said

But Most Importantly 
The thing i love the most
is having my first follower of my blog-
Thanks Becky! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Date


i have a date

a really really big date. 

i have a date with these guys:


 i have been waiting for so very very long to see these guys in concert. After not going last summer i never thought i would be able to go :(

but the stars aligned, the moon was full, and my dad was in a good mood. 


now i'm going to U2 360 tour on June 3 at Rice Eccles Stadium at 7:00 pm section E40 row 40 seat 17. too much information maybe?

i dont even care that's it's in the University of Utah's stadium. 
Bono watch out. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Know How the Homeless Feel...

I better start off this post by describing the kind of girls i live with.

I can't have a blog unless i talk about my best of friends - AKA The Trash Hole!

We are the coolest people around;
girls hate, boys love us.

We're loud, freaking hilarious, slightly out of control, crazy, but basically the best people ever. 

but a picture speaks a thousand words 

and this one describes us pretty perfectly 

Aren't these ladies the best?

We are them in about 50 years. 

We must all be aging prematurely because sometimes we do the same things they do 

for example:

we do a bunch of this

but we probably end up like this more times than not....

moral of the story is we are almost just as awesome as these ladies. Maybe someday we will reach that level. 


the real crisis we are having lately housing: housing in provo is compeitive, trashy, and a general a rip off

thus we are reverting to plan D since we can't find a six person apartment:

but it doesn't really matter as long as we are all together right

that is unless we all end up married.. then all our problems would be solved ( or probably just beginning)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Take Two

 So today was an interesting day.  every other thought i had was "man, i should blog about that..." or " i should somehow put that in my blog".

it was bad.

 i think the blogging bug has bited me in the butt. how's that for an onomatopoeia?

so i thought...

what the hey? nothing's wrong with blogging two days in a row?

nothing. right?

anyway, here it goes.

the olympics are in full swing right now and we have been avid watchers-with the exception of a few resistant roommates. 

Shaun White got the gold, but the three top american women snowboarders biffed it. At least he lived up to his rep. it was pretty exciting none the less. 

The Carrot Top Conquers

Shaun Ripping it Up! 

then the american and russian figure skaters battled it off. currently, the US is ahead of the metal count, but Germany is a close follower. we'll see. 

 man, aren't the olympics the best?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Third Time's A Charm....

Well, you know what they say....

third time's a charm. so i'm hoping my new blog will survive and not wither away this time around. 

this is the start of my third blog. it's my second account with blogger but this will be myfirst success... right? Isn't there a Plain White Tee song about that- something about 1,2,3,4??

Anyway, i think the main reason for starting a blog now is for my travels: this way it will be a quick and easy place for the fam and friends to be updated, especially for my european adventure this summer which i'm pumped for! can i get a woot woot? 

i will keep it short and conserve my blogging energy for another time-  but i will post some pictures of trips, travels, and adventures past. Enjoy!

p.s- i'm on the search for the perfect blog name so for the time being "Under Construction" will be the title, but it's not gonna stay. believe me.

hawaii 2009

Washington D.C, Winter 2009

Venetian Piazza, May 2008

Roman Forum, May 2008