Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh blog! 

oh my poor little blog... how i have neglected thee! Like a crack mama forgets her crack baby.

 I really and truly have no good excuse for not updating . but it is what it is right? 

anyway here is a recap of my life the past monthish:

April: leave provo, home for three days, ISRAEL ( which will i will post about later)

May: ISRAEL, home, back to Utah for Randi and Steve's Wedding ( and Becca's surprise engagement which was great to be apart of), Hartselle AL for a quick visit, then Rebecca's Sweet 16 party, then Cape Coral for some serious r&r. Then home for a week while resulted in me getting addicted to LOST. wow. that is one heck of a TV show. i finished out May with a bang: cousin weekend in jacksonville FL which was an awesome treat. i mean what beats crazy cousins, beach house fun, killer seafood, and late night parties? 

June: the return of DELTA. i started in SLC  June 1 .... back in the money. but i really like it so far- i mean it's great. everyone is so nice its kinda weird. moved in with some family friends too. the beginning of the rest of my summer- maybe i'll squeeze a few trips in before the summer's out :)

i guess this all means that overall life is good.
it's good to be back to just being me, myself, and i. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

A quick update.


what a week- it's been weird, happy, sad, funny, exciting, and definitely not a normal one. Normality, will we ever be friends again? i think not.

Now i'm home... said my goodbyes and now moving on to the next four months that will be relativity school-free and full of other Provo adventures. Boo-ya. But pretty soon, it will time to start work work working. but before that happens....

my dad are going to Israel!

What? i know... super random. but since my europe trip fell through with the volcano ( still trying to rap my head around that one) and other things my dad and i decided ( or rather i talked him into) going on a super crazy adventure to the Holy Land. needless to say i am unbelievable excited- but i'm still trying to get used to it. i guess i have a fourteen hour plane ride for that...

Here's the plan:

We leave Tuesday night and get there Wednesday evening. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be us in Jerusalem doing all the things there. Then Sunday we will do a day trip to Bethlehem/Hebron and Monday do another day trip to the Sea of Galilee! Then leave Tuesday...

Well that's the scoop! sorry for the lack of pictures... Macs and my wireless Internet at home haven't befriended each other yet...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning and Reality Checks.

the inenvitable has happened. 

moving out day/cleaning check day/the last day Liberty Square will ever rip me off/night of no sleep. 

the trash hole is undergoing a temporary break and relocating. it is what it is and nothing can change. so embrace the change. 

right now i am sitting [and sleeping] in Jamestown " The Trash Hole" 21 for one last night... [ok maybe not because i plan on staying with marg a few nights in the spring]. it's a little weird without the quote wall on the door, dishes pilled up sky high, or even those dang hairballs. oh gol- we had some good memories in here. 

but summer holds newer,better things for all of us- marriage, travels, work, school, and who the heck knows what else

here are some pics from the last few weeks together: 

if we were sidewalk chalk stickwomen this is what we would look like. 
[ we colored the sidewalk for Rach's 20th]

yup. he's a keeper for sure. 

we rock at taking awkward pictures. 

all you need is dix... oh wait... i mean love. 

a little Ace and Slef love

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad News

Well.... here's the bad news.

there is this little thing going on in the world. 

a volcano.

in Iceland.

what. the. trash.

first off, who knew that there were volcanoes in Iceland? I thought Iceland was a solid block of frozen ice. Who knew? 

anyway the only reason i really care is because my trip to europe could potentially be postponed. 

but the good news is that there is six other contients that i could travel to ( ok i guess 5- Antarctica doesn't really count) .

Monday, April 5, 2010

As The End Approaches


the end is readily approaching. life is about to get CR-AZ-Y. 
summer is pretty much here... 

the only way i can really explain my feelings towards this is using the cliche metaphor of weather. One minute it's fabulous, sunny weather full of hope and promise. Then five minutes later its snowing and miserable. One minutes i'm super excited for summer then next i'm in freak out mode. We are all going different directions and new things are just around the corner.... 

anyway, here is a list of things I'm going to miss after we all turn in our keys and pack up our suitcases in the Trash Hole. 

1. Watching "Elf" in April. In our defense it was snowing though... so it kinda applied.

2. staying up until 2 am (plus) to figure out our lives and the lives of others.
  solving world problems is our speciality. 

3. arguing about whose turn it is to do the dishes 

4. cuddling in the lovesac/couch

5. tucking in Randi in at night

6.getting covered in chalk at random Hindu celebration

7. talking baller, stalking ballers and being baller

8. late night trips to the dollar theatre

9. creeping people on facebook/blogs/and other sneaky methods. 

10. just being with each other... no greater adventures than just all hanging out at home making memories 

photobooth fun

pumpkin guts

fire? what? 

that whole baller thing i was talking about...

wal-mart fun!

The good news is that in four months the 2011-2012 school year begins. which means a whole new slew of photos, fun, and memories!

See ya at the King Henry! 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Profile Pictures.


Once upon a time,

in a not so far away land.

there was a festival.

a festival of colors one could say.

witches were burned.

indian powder was thrown.

some hair was ruined.

along with some clothes.

but in the moral of the story is. 

chalk throwing parties are the best. thing. ever.