Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh blog! 

oh my poor little blog... how i have neglected thee! Like a crack mama forgets her crack baby.

 I really and truly have no good excuse for not updating . but it is what it is right? 

anyway here is a recap of my life the past monthish:

April: leave provo, home for three days, ISRAEL ( which will i will post about later)

May: ISRAEL, home, back to Utah for Randi and Steve's Wedding ( and Becca's surprise engagement which was great to be apart of), Hartselle AL for a quick visit, then Rebecca's Sweet 16 party, then Cape Coral for some serious r&r. Then home for a week while resulted in me getting addicted to LOST. wow. that is one heck of a TV show. i finished out May with a bang: cousin weekend in jacksonville FL which was an awesome treat. i mean what beats crazy cousins, beach house fun, killer seafood, and late night parties? 

June: the return of DELTA. i started in SLC  June 1 .... back in the money. but i really like it so far- i mean it's great. everyone is so nice its kinda weird. moved in with some family friends too. the beginning of the rest of my summer- maybe i'll squeeze a few trips in before the summer's out :)

i guess this all means that overall life is good.
it's good to be back to just being me, myself, and i.