Monday, April 19, 2010

Cleaning and Reality Checks.

the inenvitable has happened. 

moving out day/cleaning check day/the last day Liberty Square will ever rip me off/night of no sleep. 

the trash hole is undergoing a temporary break and relocating. it is what it is and nothing can change. so embrace the change. 

right now i am sitting [and sleeping] in Jamestown " The Trash Hole" 21 for one last night... [ok maybe not because i plan on staying with marg a few nights in the spring]. it's a little weird without the quote wall on the door, dishes pilled up sky high, or even those dang hairballs. oh gol- we had some good memories in here. 

but summer holds newer,better things for all of us- marriage, travels, work, school, and who the heck knows what else

here are some pics from the last few weeks together: 

if we were sidewalk chalk stickwomen this is what we would look like. 
[ we colored the sidewalk for Rach's 20th]

yup. he's a keeper for sure. 

we rock at taking awkward pictures. 

all you need is dix... oh wait... i mean love. 

a little Ace and Slef love


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